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Single-family Home


Rockwood built our home, but it is more than a home, it is a testament to their remarkable meticulous planning and dedication to their clients. From the onset, our Rockwood team demonstrated foresight, exceptional organization, enthusiasm and dedication.

It was quite the process, and I am grateful for their guidance, depth of knowledge, total transparency and full support from beginning concept and every day forward until the day we moved in. Not only do we love our home, it also won Best Architecture for Single Family Residence in Canada and 1st place in the category: Private Residence Elevator in Elevators Worlds 2024 project of the Year – what an incredible honor!

We extend our heartfelt recommendation for Rockwood, whose dedication and exceptional service have gifted us a home beyond our dreams.


Years of experience

Award Winning

Rockwood has been recognized with over 50 awards for its unprecedented business focus, financial management, leadership, culture, best-in-class interior design and exceptional customer care.

As a testament specifically to our internal operations, we have been honoured with several prestigious awards for our sound management practices, powerful female leadership, and strong corporate culture.

Unheard of in the building industry, Rockwood delivers product with an unprecedented record of coming in on or under budget, and on time for our magical handover experiences.

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Single-family Home

Kent & Carrie

Our Rockwood core team – Korey, Lindsey, Ashley, Tamara and Matt – put tremendous thought into every element of the project, were on top of every detail and were a pleasure to deal all of the time. Every recommendation they made balanced the highest standards, practical use and affordability, and, as a result, they earned our complete confidence very early on in the journey and maintained it every step of the way.

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Single-family Home

Janice & Long

What a truly magical and amazing experience it was to build our dream home with Rockwood from start to finish! Two years ago, we saw a picture of our home and fell instantly in love and quickly arranged a meeting with Allison and the Rockwood team. Right from the start, Allison was true to her vision for her business. She said she created this company because she wanted to change the entire build-experience for the homeowner. It is not just ‘pick a home design and a few months later you are handed keys and goodbye’. From design to handover, her team involved us in the process and makes it fun, easy and special.