Tony & Oksana

We first set our eyes on our dream property 2 years ago. Once took the plunge, we quickly realized that was only the first very small step to realize our vision. Our dream house. 

So what to do? We interviewed many of the top builders in Calgary, but I still didn’t feel 100% comfortable with any of them. Luckily we drove by a lovely looking home with a Rockwood Homes sign in front of it, and I made a call to Allison on a Sunday afternoon, thinking to leave a message. Well, she actually picked up the phone and spoke to us at length about our options. After Allison showed us through a few of their previously built and current construction homes, I knew we had our home builder. 

Rockwood Custom Homes excels through communication with their clients. In a cost plus process, a customer wants to know exactly where their money is going. I received every bill from every store, trade and delivery company we used down to the last nail. Ben Susser, our fabulous project manager vetted about a thousand phone calls from me through the building process and was extremely patient and professional every step of the way. Allison provided wonderful guidance through the design process, including the initial architectural design, which we also completed through Rockwood, saving the cost of an independent Architectural firm. 

Our new home was delivered to us only 6 days past the estimated time frame given 14 months earlier and approximately on budget from the initial estimates. We could not be happier with the end result. Every detail was finished to a high standard. The choices from hardware, to appliances, HVAC and to steamer, and lighting were top notch and a reflection of the excellent Rockwood team and loyal sub-trades. 

If you are thinking about building your dream home and need a luxury builder, I would not hesitate to use Rockwood Homes.

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Thank you to all our wonderful clients!