Nadine & Kevin

We feel so fortunate to have had 2 Rockwood experiences, a huge renovation of our Calgary home in 2012 and a new home build in the Okanagan in 2022. Both experiences were something that one does not hear of often in the industry. The level of integrity and workmanship is outstanding. The “on time”- “on budget” that they promise holds true and the quality of the build is superb.
There is transparency at all times and anything the client wants and needs is addressed immediately with total respect. Working so closely with the design team and PM, having them available what seemed like 24/7 made us feel supported and heard.
The finished project is a dream come true with a home build story that was more stress free and smooth than most build stories I have heard.
I recommend Rockwood to all my friends and many of them have used and are using Rockwood for their projects.
They are the best and most outstanding company in the industry! Rock on, Rockwood!

Thank you to all our wonderful clients!