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Although we were initially thinking of proceeding with a much smaller builder for our retirement home project, our Architectural Design Technologist, Dean Bottomley of Dean Thomas Design Group, steered us toward Rockwood Custom Homes. In his opinion, the organizational strength, project-management skill set, and team design talents of the Rockwood group would best suit our needs.

And, he was right. When we first met Allison Grafton and the Rockwood team, we were a bit surprised by the budget estimate that was provided to us (higher than we expected). However, upon closer inspection, we realized that based on the expectation that we were securing the quality of construction that Rockwood offers, the pricing was quite reasonable. And we became very aware (from project start through to completion) that this initial estimate is a very revered document at Rockwood, with conformance to the quoted budgeted amount being a top priority. Every month our expenditures were compared in detail with the amount that had originally been budgeted for that specific item or service. The importance placed by Rockwood on “budget adherence” seems to be a feature not nearly as well employed by many other Calgary-based custom home builders.

All of the Rockwood personnel that we met were first class in terms of attitude, quality of service, and professionalism, but we honestly feel that we were fortunate to be assigned the “dream team” for our project. Each of the key personnel on our project (Cody, Project Manager; Lindsey, Senior Interior Designer; Ashley, Design Project Manager; and Tamara, Interior Decorator) serviced our needs in a truly caring and uncompromising manner. Their compassion, dedication, reliability and talents in their respective positions was really more than we could have ever expected.

Now that the project has been completed (and what a beautiful end result it is!) we feel that each of these people are like family to us.

Our experience with the Rockwood team over the past two years has been nothing short of exceptional.

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