Mark & Lindy

Building a custom home has been a long-standing dream that we were fortunate to have come true through partnering with Rockwood Custom Homes as the builder. Building a custom home is a process full of excitement, stress, and challenges. Through it all, it was reassuring to go through this incredible process with Rockwood – whom we highly commended for managing with incredible fairness, holding their trades to the highest standards, and for working on behalf of the best interests of the homeowners. Rockwood maintained their passion and excitement from start to finish and delivered another one of their amazing custom homes.

By nature and profession, we are highly detail-oriented people and have strong particularities and therefore worked very closely with our Rockwood team and our architect, Tyler, at Dean Thomas. With a smile and willingness, they endured many iterations, changes, details, and adjustments. Through their support and tremendous hard work, our home brings a sense of wonder each day. It’s incredible attributes have exceeded our expectations.

Cody, our project manager, is the hardest working person I know. Somehow, Cody genuinely cared as much about the build as we did, and he genuinely cares about people. Thank you, Cody, for your dedication and for pouring yourself into our home. You went way above and beyond the scope of your role and it was so appreciated. Through working together, we are so glad that we not only have a completed dream home, but have also gained a good friend.

Thank you, Ashley and Lindsey for your incredible hard work. Ashley, you are unshakeable. At times we thought surely, we will break you. However, you managed our craziness and always responded with warmth willingness, and dedication. Lindsey, your attention to detail and gift of design and ideas are throughout our home. The finger prints of these two incredible women are through out our home, and we are so grateful for that.

Lastly, Allison…you are an inspirational person and have built Rockwood into the best home building company. The team that you have assembled reflects your passion and high ethical standard.

We wish for Rockwood and Dean Thomas to know that we are perpetually thankful for this home and for the dedication and care each person has put into it.

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Thank you to all our wonderful clients!