Mark & Jeane

We started our relationship with a dinner @ Mercato in the West End… unassuming, casual, comfortable. Allison instilled that guttural excitement which was hard to contain after that night. We said yes…the journey had begun. Every time we met with a member of your team there was careful consideration of who we are as humans, watching and listening how we walk, how we talk, how we dress…

Then you built us a masterpiece on a cliff… exactly the way we wanted… as if I woke up from a dream, blinked my eyes and was given the keys to my glass castle in the trees.

The experience was elevated, fluent, professional and completely transparent. You communicated every detail of every possible pitfall with our full knowledge in a timely manner to avoid any surprises. Your selection of trades are skillful and dedicated. What a privilege it has been to build our dream home with you.

We have got so much more out of this experience than a beautiful home; we have also made new lifelong friends and forged strong business relationships which I am confident will elevate our life experience for years to come.

I’d like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to:

Senior project manager DAVE FURZE – You managed this project like a bull!

Senior interior designer LINDSEY ZUGELDER – We spoke, you listened, you delivered!

Interior decorator TAMARA VAN IMPE – Impeccable taste… your choices are timeless and every piece of furniture in our home is also a piece of modern art!

CFO MATTHEW LLEWELLYN – you have this gift of making the pain of writing the cheques disappear into thin air!

Interior designer and design project manager KAITLIN BERG – It’s hard for us to hear guests say nothing about our stunning views and all they can look at is the jewelry of our home, the magnificent lighting, selections and overall design! We are honored to experience such a memorable build.

Project manager CHRIS GRAFTON – We say jump, you ask how high! Thanks for always being there for us when we need you, before, after and forever!

And finally, to ALLISON GRAFTON – When I grow up, I want to be Allison Grafton! Every day I aspire to be a business owner, leader and team player like you. Quality is never an accident and this masterpiece on the cliff is a testimonial speaking for itself.

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Thank you to all our wonderful clients!