I wanted to send you a note regarding our recent home construction project.

I have to say that it was an excellent experience. When we started on this journey, I was very sceptical and was not sure of the outcome. I had heard of many stories about people building a home and having the contractors make whole process very unpleasant.

Rockwood, on the other hand, made every step of the process enjoyable. Right from the first meeting—where we answered Rockwood’s questionnaire about our lifestyle, likes and dislikes—to sitting down with the architect and coming up with the design, we were immediately captivated with the process, and then thoroughly excited as we watched our home build evolve.

The handholding (and sometimes marriage counselling to both Deb and I!) was appreciated. You understood our vision and nailed it. Our home is a is reflection of both of us, and of you and your team at Rockwood. The entire Rockwood team is amazing. They were always responsive to my every call (and Deb’s every whim) and truly made everything enjoyable.

As you know, I have, and continue to, revel in the advantages of building with Rockwood to all of my friends. It is interesting to see some of them who have not had this experience show a bit of envy when I tell them about our experience and show them our home.

Thank you again to the whole Rockwood team and you, Allison.

Outstanding job.


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Thank you to all our wonderful clients!