Laura & Tyle

Building with Rockwood Custom Homes was an amazing experience. They were exceptionally accommodating to our schedules, our preferences, and our lifestyle while building our dream family home.

Because we have three children under 2.5 years old, we were overwhelmed. Rockwood took the time to understand where we were coming from in order to facilitate constructive meetings and allow us to move through the building process with ease.

During the design meetings, we felt that we were being guided by true professionals. If we were unsure of the right choice then we were given more options to consider. If we were not satisfied with the range of choices, we felt that we were heard and new options were provided swiftly. Rockwood’s design team was willing to adapt and change to our liking while keeping the overall picture in mind; their level of competence and professionalism was unparalleled. The final product was always the focus of our designers who were extremely adept at using our selections and completing the picture for us in a high quality fashion.

On site, we were very pleased with Rockwood’s work. Our questions and concerns were discussed, reviewed, and validated throughout the building process. The Rockwood team was very good at meeting our expectations and considering our opinions, all the while building at a high standard and creating a high quality product. Our home was built with attention to detail at the highest level.

The Rockwood team was also present and there for us post move-in. Following up on deficiencies is not a very enjoyable task, but with that said, we felt that our deficiencies were handled and our concerns and calls were all answered. Once again, this is unparalleled in the industry.

We are very pleased with our beautiful new home and think that Rockwood Custom Homes is a remarkable company. They produced our dream home with their incredibly dedicated team.

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Thank you to all our wonderful clients!