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All of our friends and family can’t believe that we actually enjoyed the building process and that we would even fathom of doing it again sometime – albeit, not anytime soon. It’s always amazing that so many people share their “building horror stories” with us and that it almost seems like the norm in Calgary, even during this downturn. After two renovation projects and one build with Rockwood over the past seven years, we simply believe that they’re the best in business.

Over our time knowing them, Rockwood has shown us a few things about their work and the way they work:

  • Rockwood builds with impeccable style, design and functionality which creates great value in the overall build.
  • It’s a team effort. It starts with Allison but extends to design, project management and subsequently all of the trades. Everyone bought in and took great pride in building the best home possible for us. From architectural drawings, to interior design, to the exceptional quality of our build, everything was handled with excellence and aplomb.
  • Rockwood was successful in taking our ideas and turning them into realities. Faint sketches in our mind became our dream home, which is no easy feat.
  • The budget is actually the budget. Rockwood meticulously took the time with us to set a budget, never lost focus on its importance throughout the process and most importantly, the number we ended up with was less than 1% off our original budget set 18 months prior.
  • Attention to detail is paramount. The team was never complacent. For example, even after we picked something and moved on, if they found something better or a better way to do it, they’d bring it up and we’d evaluate, just to make sure every detail was perfect.
  • Mostly, they do what they say they’re going to do. For my wife and me, it’s simple. Building or renovating a home is all about trust in the builder; Rockwood collaborated with us on a design, set a competitive budget, were fully transparent when challenges arose and delivered the final product on time. Simply put, they did what they said they were going to do!

    Thank you once again to the Rockwood team and all the trades who made us feel like our biggest investment, was their biggest sense of pride.

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Thank you to all our wonderful clients!