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Upon our first meeting with Allison, we knew we found the perfect match. Her energy and passion to build something unique and special for our family was infectious. She seemed to have a real desire to tackle the typical short-comings of the homebuilding industry, to try and elevate the experience for the client in a way that was unique. She discussed the need for absolute transparency in all aspects of the process and that is exactly what we received. Our home was built on time and under budget, and anytime there was a risk of cost over-runs, those were first discussed with us (which was very reassuring). She spoke glowingly of the quality of her design team, the project managers, the trades, the accounting group etc. Turns out she was right, every single individual we dealt with at Rockwood was fabulous and truly made the process enjoyable, which is something I wouldn’t think was possible when renovating or building a home.

We really appreciated the integrated process that has been put in place and the network of resources that they have assembled. Allison and her team met with our architects, to ensure the Rockwood team had oversight and could input from day one. Our Rockwood interior design team—Lindsey, Kaitlin, Ashely and Breanne—were full of creativity and expertise. When questions arose, they were only too happy to help and bring us incredible solutions or ideas. They truly worked with what we wanted for our home and were very patient even when we were undecided or wanted to see alternatives. Also, we very much appreciated that they weren’t afraid to put their views on the table and tell us when we were on the wrong track.

Another huge benefit to working with Rockwood was the final stage of interior design to our complete our new home. They handled all of our new furniture design and helped us to select every new piece for our home. This process was led by Tamara, whose taste, guidance and creativity wowed us—truly world class. She is a pleasure to work with and nothing was too small or big for her to handle! The furniture and decor completely finished our amazing new home!

Our lead construction project manager, Cody, did an outstanding job managing the day to day construction of our home. His attention to construction details, quality, and budget was incredibly. He was also constantly in touch with the design team so there were very few “surprises” throughout our build. This is where the integration was so integral to success. Anything we questioned he would immediately look into and we developed a complete trust in both his knowledge and honesty. This was also felt with all of the trades which worked on our home—these were true craftsmen who took great pride in what they did. It was reassuring to hear them speak so highly of Rockwood as well.

Rockwood is not just a builder in the typical sense of the word. Allison and her remarkable Rockwood team have created something special here. What makes Rockwood so unique is their ability to take what could be a very complex, and frustrating process and assemble a group of experts that work together as a team with the goal of building a product to its finest quality. Throughout the design and build process, we sensed a complete desire to put us first, and a level of integrity and honesty that is so rare to find these days. If something wasn’t done to Rockwood standards, they fixed it. If we discovered there might have been a different way to do something, they researched it until we figured out the right answer, as opposed to the easy one. Finally, they seemed to take care of every final detail, which was absolutely incredible. I can’t stress this enough: they truly try to think of everything. If the goal was to make this as easy as possible for us … they succeeded!

We are very grateful to Allison and the whole Rockwood team for caring so much and taking such pride in what they do. Their expertise, creativity and commitment made them an exceptional group to work with and our home turned out better than we ever imagined possible.

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Thank you to all our wonderful clients!