Jay & Tracie

Our journey with Rockwood started with a catastrophe that shook our world, our beloved home had endured a fire the left us with the tough decision to rebuild. Through extensive research, proclaimed excellence from friends that knew of Rockwood’s work, and an initial meeting with Allison, Matt, and Dave, we knew we had found the perfect homebuilder to rebuild our home. The professionalism, aptitude, and attentiveness they displayed in comparison to other home builders we met with was unmatched. They gave us confidence with our decision and went above and beyond – even assisting with our insurance claim and advocating on our behalf. Rockwood made us feel like family, and from day one that never changed.

As we procured our place as Rockwood’s client, we were then introduced to our team – Cody, Lindsey, and Tamara.

Cody, our construction project manager, is the most delightful, competent, attention-oriented individual we have ever met. He is beyond passionate about the homebuilding process and always made us feel engaged and appreciated. His professionalism and high-level execution brought our home into reality and surpassed what we envisioned. Cody was the heart of our build, and embodied Rockwood’s philosophy flawlessly. From project updates, to his relationships with subcontractors, to his dedication to us as clients, Cody always demonstrated his value.

Lindsey, our interior designer, is truly one in a million. She is unrivaled in her talents as a designer and turned a process that was daunting to us in to an elegant, warm, and inviting experience. Her pallet for taking one’s ideas and assembling it into unique, luxury spaces is profound. Her excitement for her art shows in every design she envisions, and we cannot be more grateful to work with genuinely amazing individual.

Tamara, our interior decorator, was integral in making our home feel comfortable, inviting and uniquely ours. Her ability to layer in striking detail and soul through furniture and accessories is like nothing we have seen before. She is exceptional at understanding your needs and preferences and was able to masterfully perfect our overall interior feel.

After reflecting about our time with Rockwood, we also want to thank Allison and her vision. She has created a unique experience, unmatched any where within the industry. She leads a business built as a cohesive family with individuals who love their work and are passionate about the company they represent. In practice Rockwood is more than just a homebuilder, they are a curator of dreams who embodies a process that delivers custom built homes that are masterfully built with elegance, detail, and passion. They are a company that goes beyond expectations and works with you to ensure your home the perfect balance of look, feel and unsalability.

From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank all involved in the process as you made our dream become a reality.

All the best,
Tracie and Jay

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Thank you to all our wonderful clients!