​​​​Janice & Long

What a truly magical and amazing experience it was to build our dream home with Rockwood from start to finish! Two years ago, we saw a picture of our home and fell instantly in love and quickly arranged a meeting with Allison and the Rockwood team. Right from the start, Allison was true to her vision for her business. She said she created this company because she wanted to change the entire build-experience for the homeowner. It is not just ‘pick a home design and a few months later you are handed keys and goodbye’. From design to handover, her team involved us in the process and makes it fun, easy and special.

Every meeting with our team – Cody, Sarah, Bre and Tamara – was always conducted with the highest level of professionalism, passion, enthusiasm, and patience. They were always thoughtful and detail oriented and guided us to make well informed decisions on our home to ensure the design was timeless, but also fun and uniquely us.

Cody would always say to us that he builds these homes like it was for his family and we definitely saw that. He was always thinking of improvements and add-ons that made sense. We relied on his experience and attention to detail in the build to guide us through every aspect of our home. Truly – nothing gets past Cody! He was so organized and made sure everything was in order. Sarah and Bre were so wonderful to work with. They were so patient with us and were always there on the rollercoaster ride of design and build. It wasn’t easy for us to see the big picture from the samples, but we trusted their vision and are so happy with every little detail of our home. Tamara has an amazing and creative eye for design. She really took the time to get to know us and get a sense for what we wanted for each space. We were never rushed, and she was always so flexible and gave us many different selections if we were unsure. This rockstar team made everything seamless and perfect for us.  Even on the money side of things, whenever we had questions or concerns, Matt would always take the time to call and go through them with us, with patience.

Our weekly site visits always brought us so much joy to see the progress.  Whenever we encountered any trades on the site, it was clear they cared deeply about their work and enjoyed being part of the Rockwood family. We were told countless times that we were in good hands with Rockwood.
We feel so fortunate to have gone through this custom home build with Rockwood.

We always felt so blessed to be part of the whole design and build process. It was never overwhelming and always fun to work with our team. We have spoken with a few other custom homeowners about their experience and by far we have had the best experience. The advantage of Rockwood is that they are a well-supported team, so all the components of the design to build are managed seamlessly. It is our dream home, and we will always be grateful to the Rockwood team for all their hard work in making it come to life.

Janice and Long

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Thank you to all our wonderful clients!