David & Sylvia

We were introduced to Rockwood by another couple who had done a tremendous amount of due diligence in selecting a custom home builder. They found that there was no rival to Rockwood Custom Homes. They were so convinced of this that they convinced me! We introduced ourselves to you and toured some of your current projects. The decision to commit to a property gave our interest the focus we needed to get started. Dean Thomas’ design team did a wonderful job in turning our hopes into working drawings. On a number of occasions sound advice from you and the design team kept us from mistakes we would have made on our own.

We were then introduced to the team that would manage all aspects of the project. A team which I am sure you are very proud of and deserve to be commended for assembling. Jake, Jennifer, Lindsey, Tamara, and Matt provided terrific service through out the work when we weren’t sure what to expect– this being a first for us in every respect. We were never disappointed. We had concerns from time to time of course. Hand holding (metaphorically), encouragement, patience, insights, practical experience, exceptional knowledge of products and availability to our concerns and questions were standard procedure month after month. Calls were returned promptly and we never were allowed to feel we might be imposing. We cannot recall a single unpleasant moment with any of your team. The highest standards of professionalism seem to be the norm at Rockwood.

Further we had the privilege of meeting with all of your subcontractors on or off site. Again, our opinion of your extended team is exceptionally high. They all spoke highly of Rockwood and without exception stated that Rockwood was a builder that wanted to do things right without shortcuts or compromises. They expressed their appreciation of Rockwood’s whole philosophy and I was told over and over again without solicitation that we had chosen the ‘right builder’. Our home is a testament to their skill, experience and craftsmanship.

We will miss our meetings with Jennifer, Lindsey and Tamara! We know that if we were to build fifty homes that we could not achieve what they have done for us. The sense of colour, selection of materials, furniture and the finishing touches have left us without regret and we are wowed every morning by our new home. Form and function are wonderfully integrated.

Jake bore most of the hand holding with me and I will always be grateful to him for how he managed our relationship. His good humour, attentiveness, skill and thoughtfulness were always on display to me. His energy level and commitment to make our home building experience a positive one amazed me over and over again. Everything was patiently explained and concerns were followed up diligently. Jake’s commitment to the budget was much appreciated. Jake exhibited design talent related to bringing together our outdoor experience which, while not part of the working drawings, has brought delight.

Matt gave me every confidence about the financial management of the project. He met with me privately and walked me through budget management and financial arrangements. There were no surprises. This is high praise from me.

These forementioned individuals are all ‘stars in the Rockwood Crown’ and do you great credit.

I have run a small company for over forty years and I know the importance of good employees and you have them in spades. This does not happen by accident. Allison, you have created a wonderful company and we will always be grateful to you and your team. Thank you for our beautiful home. We pray for you and your team everyday.

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Thank you to all our wonderful clients!