Catherine & Ian

When our Architectural designer recommended Rockwood we interviewed the team and called a couple of references. We were blown away by the enthusiasm of the references and now we will be on the other side giving those enthusiastic reviews!

From Day 1 we felt heard and understood right down to the smallest detail of finishing; each member of the team either anticipated what we wanted, or followed through completely. Colin was limitless in his ability to track and resolve every element. Each time we raised something that we thought might be an issue, he had already thought about it and had a solution. He and Dave dealt with construction and design curveballs with creativity and fluidity. Lindsey and Sarah made a potentially endless list of choices easy and thoroughly enjoyable. Their ideas were fantastic, and they excelled with stunning new concepts when we chose a different direction mid stream. Tamara was a huge asset in helping us repurpose almost all of our existing furniture and design and purchase needed pieces that all worked brilliantly in the new house. And In a moment of crisis, Allison had our back. Allison runs a tight team and the company is able to attract and retain excellent team members, trades and providers. Everything was totally transparent and we always felt we were getting value and quality for the money.

In the end, our home exceeded our expectations. On “reveal” night we were grinning like Cheshire cats, and our normally calm 12-year-old daughter was as excited a 6-year-old on Christmas morning! Thank you Rockwood for an amazing experience.

– Catherine and Ian

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Thank you to all our wonderful clients!