Anne & Paul

My husband and I can now join the long list of people singing the praises of Rockwood Custom Homes. Our story is a little different in that we required a renovation rather than a build. Right from the start, Allison warned us that renos can at times introduce problems that are difficult to foresee when the original project scope and cost estimate is being done but that Rockwood would be prepared to handle any such matters should they arise.

The first portion of the project proceeded very smoothly.  We loved working with the team that was assigned to us—Allison, Katie and Lindsey made the picking and choosing of materials and appliances for our interior a painless experience. 

We were all moved in and loving our new space when disaster struck. Rotting wood was found under our exterior stucco and master bedroom wall! We were forced to move out of our bedroom and into the basement for three weeks.

Even though renovating that particular space was not part of Rockwood’s initial scope of work, true to their word, they quickly came to our rescue. To our delight, Rockwood took action immediately to remedy the situation without so much as blinking an eye, even though it meant re-jigging their resources and priorities. The team stayed with us until everything was fixed, all of the loose ends were tied up and we were again moved back upstairs.

We could not have been more impressed with Rockwood’s caring and professional approach to our entire renovation—both scoped and unpredicted. We plan to be in our current home for many years to come but Rockwood would be the first company we would call if we ever again find ourselves in need of a home builder.

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Thank you to all our wonderful clients!