Our Process

At Rockwood, our intelligent, carefully considered, and proven processes allow every Rockwood home to be constructed with an exceptional level of care, attention to detail, quality and design, delivering incredible homes on time and on budget.

Strict, established processes and procedures continue to ensure operational excellence and seamless service delivery.

The Rockwood Build Process

Client Engagement

Overarching every project is our commitment to continuous client communication. While every project begins with an in-depth initial client consultation, we continue to discuss, support, and include you throughout the entire build process with consistent communication and open dialogue. We are a custom builder: understanding your needs, how you live in every space, your joys and passions, your styles and hobbies, and your overall vision is paramount to a successful build.

We welcome your feedback every step of the way, and embrace the evolution of the home building journey. Our skilled team is here to take you through the realization of your dream custom home, offering our expert guidance, developed over years of experience.

“Rockwood offers an unprecedented client experience.  It comes from our foundational values and the deep commitment by every member of our team to those values, to one another, and to our clients.  We truly care about what we do and how we do it, and take great pride in delivering a legacy product and experience to each and every client.”

Jordan | Business Development

Financial Stewardship

Key to our process, is the strict attention Rockwood pays to the financial investment you make in your home. Our goal is not only to protect your investment, but to see its value grow over time. As part of our commitment to you, we provide detailed budgeting cost projections for your build at the outset and engage in regular budget reviews throughout the build process, all based on transparent project costing and strict adherence to critical path construction schedules.

Rockwood clients work with our in-house finance and accounting team who have established rigorous financial processes throughout the entirety of the build experience. Continually reviewed and evaluated, Rockwood engages with long-term trusted vendors and suppliers to ensure best-in-industry value for our clients, with high quality products at the best possible prices.

“In an industry rife with budget overruns and rudimentary financial practices, Rockwood’s financial structure is designed to ensure an incredibly clear, transparent and detailed true cost picture for our clients. We have designed and implemented meticulous processes, followed by all members of Rockwood, which enable our entire team to protect, educate and empower the client in making highly informed financial decisions.

My goal as CFO is to have the build experience take centre stage, where clients know and trust the depth of our financial experience and the unprecedented financial stewardship which protects their investment from start to finish.”

Matthew | CFO


At Rockwood, we understand that every project starts with your personal vision for your dream home. Our goal is to help you translate that vision into well-considered architectural drawings. Over the years, we’ve built homes in many architectural styles – from modern to traditional and everything in between—and are happy to help you achieve your desired aesthetic.

We’ll work alongside you, providing full guidance and oversight during the architectural design process to ensure your home is both beautiful and functional, and perfectly suited to you. Lending our years of experience, we’ll help guide the smart design decisions required to protect the financial investment you’re making in your home. 

“Our client experience is fully immersive. There is no shortage of fun, as we dive deep on details and dreams. Our role as designers is to push boundaries, elevate spaces, balance form and function, and ensure perfect alignment between design and budget, always protecting the client investment, along with their dream.”


Interior Design

We specialize in beautiful, creative and technical solutions for functional and highly personalized living spaces. Your design team will be comprised of both an Interior Designer (BAID), as well as a Design Project Manager. Our talented in-house interior design team will expertly work with you to curate your perfect home, focusing on both the form and function of every space. Numerous meetings and in-depth conversations will allow us to learn about you, your lifestyle and your vision for your home. Your real-life needs for your space will drive the interior design process; your style will guide our creative execution as we elevate and deliver your dream home.

Our Project Managers will skillfully oversee all scheduling, procurement and execution aspects of your build. Together, your talented design team will hand-select top products, materials and finishes and, alongside our extensive high-end vendor network, will present you with exceptional ideas and products, the perfect recipe for unparalleled results.

“Rockwood’s Design Project Management team is one that does not exist anywhere else in the industry. We take great pride in acting as a central checkpoint for all pillars of the home build, supporting flawless execution. We ensure strict budget adherence throughout the design process, meticulous execution of the interior design vision at site, full alignment between design and construction, and prioritize exceptional client communication to maintain confidence and trust.”



Rockwood builds luxury homes that are meticulously designed in line with your vision, and constructed to meet and exceed your expectations. Our experienced and highly skilled construction team, tradespeople and artisans use the highest quality materials and standards when building your home. All of our home builds are led by our professional Construction Project Management team, who are on site daily to ensure projects are moving according to schedule, while ensuring the highest level of quality and execution.

Our proven construction processes are continuously refined and finessed to be the reflect our best-in-class standard in our ever-evolving industry. This commitment ensures you will move into your home not only on time, but with an exceptional level of care and attention to quality craftsmanship and detail.

“Rockwood uses only top-quality products in our builds, which stand the test of time. We are continuously looking for new and innovative products for our clients, with a strong focus on clean and healthy living, as well as energy efficiency to lower emissions and the carbon footprint of our homes.”



We want your handover to be magical: on move-in day, your role is simply to be welcomed into your beautifully finished home with all the incredible energy our team and trades have invested in your home throughout the build. Rockwood clients have the opportunity to work with our in-house interior décor and furnishings team to perfectly furnish their home. From hard and soft furnishings to window coverings to stunning artwork, and right down to housewares, we will outfit your home as much (or as little) as you want us to. Our extensive network of upscale home furnishing vendors across North America ensures you receive access to the best furnishings and décor at the greatest value.

Our Rockwood team can help you fully furnish every space in a way that is customized and intelligently designed to reflect your personal lifestyle. When you put so much into a home build, let us help you with the finishing touches!

“There is no greater experience than welcoming clients home to a fully furnished space, which always exceeds their expectations. The furnishings, the décor, the rugs and the drapery are the jewellery of the home, individualizing every space by reflecting the personal needs, wants, taste and lifestyle of the homeowner.”