Phebe & Riaz

Rockwood built our home, but it is more than a home, it is a testament to their remarkable meticulous planning and dedication to their clients.  From the onset, our Rockwood team demonstrated foresight, exceptional organization, enthusiasm and dedication.

In the initial planning stages, Allison, Dave, and Matt were exceptional to work with, not only with their support through the architectural design of our incredible dream home but their commitment to working through some major permitting challenges with the city. Rockwood guided and worked alongside us to work with Dean Thomas Design which is a great team approach and having our builder as part of the design process was key and an excellent team. It was quite the process, and I am grateful for their guidance, depth of knowledge, total transparency and full support from beginning concept and every day forward until the day we moved in. Not only do we love our home, it also won Best Architecture for Single Family Residence in Canada and 1st place in the category: Private Residence Elevator in Elevators Worlds 2024 project of the Year – what an incredible honor!

In the early stages, our designers, Sarah, Ashley and Lindsey, were very proactive in organizing meetings to make selections for many aspects of our home.   Whether it was appliances, flooring, lights, fixtures, hardware, or color selection, they made the process very easy and seamless.  With our vision in mind, they used their expertise and creativity to make our dream home come true.

Cody, our project manager, is the most reliable, determined, and passionate person. His attention to detail made sure potential mistakes were caught and solved any issue that came up during and after the build.  He made certain that every aspect of the project was managed with precision. His on-site presence and effective coordination with contractors demonstrated Rockwood’s commitment to us.  All the customizations we wanted in our home made it very challenging to build but Cody took every challenge with determination and hard work.  He was an integral key to the successful completion of our home. 

Tamara, our furniture designer, was a joy to work with, turning what could have been intimidating selections into an enjoyable and effortless experience. There were a lot of supplier interruptions during covid which meant very long lead times and reduced selections to choose form. Having Tamara procure all the beautiful quality pieces made it feel like a home from day one.The inspired touch of her talent infused our home with elegance.

But the team didn’t stop there. The empathy and thoughtfulness put into the modifications made to accommodate our special needs child, ensured our home was not just beautiful, but tailored to our family’s needs.

Lastly, we set upon Rockwood the daunting task of designing a custom curved-glass elevator.  Rockwood embraced this project with the same care and attention they put in the rest of the home and the final results speaks to their masterful craftsmanship.
We extend our heartfelt recommendation for Rockwood, whose dedication and exceptional service have gifted us a home beyond our dreams.

With heartfelt gratitude,
Phebe and Riaz 

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