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ALLISON GRAFTON – Rockwood Custom Homes
January, 2023

The phenomenal happens with Rockwood Custom Homes.It means clients are delighted from the initial vision through to the magical reveal of a completed home right down to linens, dishware, flowers and lit candles.

“When you transform your passion into a vision and combine it with a steadfast adherence to foundational values, an unwavering commitment to excellence, and an environment of equally passionate and skilled individuals, magic is the result,” says Rockwood Customs Homes founder and president Allison Grafton.

As such, Rockwood is unlike any other builder in the industry.

It is a fully integrated design and home-build company that brings all its comprehensive services — from architect and builder to designer, technologists and decorators — under one roof.

All this is done with an overarching commitment to financial stewardship.

“We give our clients an experience like none other, turning their homes over on time and on budget,” says Allison.

“We say what we are going to do, and we do what we say. We protect our clients and their investment as if it were our own, and I empower every member of my team to have the autonomy, knowledge, and confidence to practice this every single day.”

Therefore, Rockwood takes the stress out of building homes, with detailed processes and meticulous building practices that ensure an exceptionally smooth construction and finishing process in which clients feel supported, guided, and protected at every step of the way.

“We give our clients an experience like none other, turning their homes over on time and on budget.”

“Quite honestly, our company culture is a movement, it’s an energy, and it’s a life unto itself,” says Allison.

“Our team members are some of the most passionate, driven, hard-working and skilled individuals in their respective crafts, and they come together in a Rockwood environment which is one marked by safety, trust, courage, and massive collaboration and commitment to excellence. We are founded on principles of integrity, honesty, loyalty, and courage.”

Allison explains there are two ways of doing things — the easy way and the right way, and they often do not intersect.

At Rockwood, the right way is the only way.

It demands great courage, but ensures long-term success by fully serving every client and protecting the company’s stellar reputation.

Allison was raised in Kelowna and went on to have a thriving career in investment banking in the Alberta energy sector.

However, over the building and renovating of 15 personal homes in her spare time, she realized she had to turn her passion for architecture, building, interior design and fashion into her own business and Rockwood was born.

“I wanted to fully disrupt the industry and turn expectations on its head,” says Allison.

“I wanted to build a company which would literally and figuratively change the landscape of the homebuilding industry with integrity, quality adherence, management of financials and customer care.”

Rockwood started in Calgary and expanded to the Okanagan in 2017 and will soon be in Invermere and Canmore.

In the Okanagan, Rockwood has designed and built many custom lakefront homes as well as some expansive multi-generational, legacy properties.

The BENCHES at McKinley Beach is Rockwood’s latest and greatest offering – an exclusive and luxury community of 17 West Coast-modern single-family homes overlooking shimmering Okanagan Lake and the neighbouring Azkhadi Vineyard.

“I have always said: When excellence is a choice, why drive for any other result?” says Allison.

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