Business in Calgary Leaders Alumni

First recognized by Business in Calgary in 2014, Allison Grafton has continued to defy expectation with the remarkable growth of her business, Rockwood Custom Homes. As founder and CEO of this luxury custom home builder, Allison turned her passion into a business in 2009 setting out to disrupt an industry entrenched in status quo, and trailblazing a new standard of product and customer experience within the custom residential market. Now also offering Rockwood‑exclusive developments within Calgary, the Okanagan, and Canmore, this one-of-a-kind recipe for single family custom homes has expanded into full communities of living.

“There are frequently two ways of doing things: the easy way and the right way. They rarely intersect, and the only choice for me and my team is the right way.” – Allison Grafton, Founder & President of Rockwood Custom Homes.

Previously an investment banker, Allison brought her business know-how coupled with her keen design eye to structure a fully-integrated residential construction company offering best-in-class architecture, design, and build services alongside unmatched financial stewardship. As a highly decorated female entrepreneur and four‑time corporate recipient of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, Allison is quick to attribute hard work, highly invested leadership, and an unwavering commitment to honesty, transparency and integrity, as the keys to her and Rockwood’s success.

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