Rockwood: Because winners don’t take a break

Another year has passed and yet again, it has been one of consistent and varied recognition for Rockwood Custom Homes and its leadership. Whether it’s impressive financial growth or beautiful design, one thing doesn’t change and that’s Rockwood’s inherent ability to impress judging panels. Among other notable wins, 2014 saw Rockwood take home its second consecutive Contractor of the Year award—a first ever for Alberta Venture, the presenters of the awards.

Allison Grafton, Rockwood’s president and partner has also made some waves this year and is quickly establishing herself as one of Canada’s female entrepreneurs to watch. Ranking third on PROFIT/Chatelaine’s W100 Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs is no small feat as Allison competed with female leaders across the nation. Her determination, hard work and vision also led to another consecutive WXN win as a CIBC Entrepreneur, once again leading the pack of female business leaders in the nation.